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APC family feels at home in Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: October 23, 2023 L M S


Majid Rashed (center), president of the Asian Paralympic Committee, poses for a photo with local artisans. [Photo/WeChat account: ttbs2012]

Members of the Asian Paralympic Committee gathered for a welcome reception at the APC Family Hotel for the 4th Asian Para Games Hangzhou on Oct 22, local media outlets reported.

The hotel was adorned with displays of traditional Chinese heritage items, including Qingke birdcages, paper cutting, root carving, and knife-carved calligraphy, with live demonstrations by local artisans.

Yerlan Suleimanov, secretary-general of the Kazakhstan National Paralympic Committee, was particularly impressed by the Qingke birdcage. "This handmade piece is so exquisite, just like Hangzhou," he marveled.

APC President Majid Rashed was delighted to receive a paper-cutout of Feifei, the mascot of the current Asian Para Games. "Seeing this beautiful paper-cut of the mascot makes us very happy and proud," he said.

Rashed then visited the root carving and knife-carved calligraphy displays, showing keen interest in each piece. Folk art master Xu Huidong presented him with a delicate pendant as a gift, who happily hung it on his wheelchair. "I really love the pendant. I'm going to keep it on my wheelchair to accompany me every day!"

Rashed echoed the sentiment of feeling at home in Hangzhou. "Hangzhou is a city friendly to people with disabilities. The people here are so warm and hospitable, like family. Everyone has made a lot of efforts for the APG."

Rashed drew from his experiences participating in various Paralympic Games, stating, "In every aspect, this Games will be the best." He highlighted Hangzhou's changes to make the city more accessible and said he believed the event would leave a true mark on the city.

He also expressed anticipation to see the athletes performs, saying he hopes they will enjoy the competitions, make friends, and get to know the city.


A local artisan introduces an APC member to paper-cutting. [Photo/WeChat account: ttbs2012]

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