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Song Dynasty-themed seal engraving exhibition unveiled in Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: December 13, 2023 L M S


The exhibition hall. [Photo/xlys.org.cn]

The "Lush with Literary Grace" Song Dynasty (960-1279) seal engraving exhibition opened at the Chinese Museum of Printing in Hangzhou on Dec 12, local media outlets reported.

The exhibition is divided into two parts, "Cultivating Virtue Through Literature" and "Studying Things to Gain Knowledge," showcasing a total of 61 newly-created works along with rubbings from original seals and hand scrolls.

The "Cultivating Virtue Through Literature" section features contributions from members of the Xiling Seal Engravers' Society and young seal engravers, presenting creative prowess and professional excellence spanning generations of seal engravers.

The "Studying Things to Gain Knowledge" section is curated by Lin Li, the project leader of the Chinese Museum of Printing, revealing his reflections and practices in preserving and advancing seal engraving in recent years.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until Dec 20, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistry and culture of Song Dynasty-themed seal engraving.


A visitor takes photos of an exhibit. [Photo/xlys.org.cn]

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