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A nostalgic return to authentic Western cuisine in Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: January 8, 2024 L M S


Patrons wait in line in front of the Hifun Bakery. [Photo/WeChat account: hzfbwx]

When reminiscing about dining experiences in Hangzhou, the mention of Hifun Bakery instantly evokes strong memories for many locals.

From the 1940s to the 1990s, if Hangzhou residents craved authentic Western cuisine, Hifun Bakery was their top choice.

The iconic restaurant has recently reopened its doors at 48 Xueshi Road.

Historical records trace Hifun Bakery back to the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when it was created by businesspeople from Haifeng county in Guangdong province – a Cantonese-style tea restaurant initially known as Hifun Tea House. Transitioning into the Republic of China era (1911-49), the tea house was transformed into Hifun Bakery, specializing in Western cuisine with a focus on French dishes and pastries.

In 1966, Hifun Bakery underwent a transformation and was renamed Guangming Dessert Shop, shifting its focus to Chinese-style desserts. However, in 1979, it reverted to its original name, Hifun Bakery, and resumed its commitment to Western cuisine. In the 1980s, the bakery took a stylish turn by inviting a professional team from Hong Kong, restoring its chic and fashionable ambiance. Despite the emergence of various Western restaurants across Hangzhou, Hifun Bakery closed its doors in 2004.


People wait in line at the Hifun Bakery. [Photo/WeChat account: hzfbwx]

The recent reopening saw the bakery embracing its heritage with a thoughtful redesign.

The exterior design drew inspiration from some iconic elements, such as the signature awning, aiming to provide patrons with the nostalgic feeling of a reopened vintage store in both space and experience.

The bakery has also invested heavily in refining its menu, with the entire team, guided by veteran chefs from the original Hifun Bakery, dedicating some three months to the upgrade.

During the trial operation period, Hifun Bakery is offering a special 15-percent discount, inviting patrons to savor the authentic flavors of Hangzhou's beloved culinary institution.


A patron treats himself at the Hifun Bakery. [Photo/WeChat account: hzfbwx]

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