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Foodwise: Hangzhou 2

CGTN| Updated: January 31, 2024 L M S

In this episode, Tianran and Hannah continue their tea-tasting journey along Hangzhou's Qiantang River, exploring the region's historical culture and culinary delights. They head to Anding mountain, enjoying misty tea at the summit. In Longmen ancient town, they dive into traditional Chinese clan culture and savor "Sun Quan Seitan." Shishe Village reveals a revitalized community, leaving Hannah enamored with gray soup rice dumplings. Additionally, the fish head soup and caviar at Qiandao lake leave Tianran a great impression of the area. Jiukeng tea also captivates their senses. Their Hangzhou adventure ends by the ancient tea trees. The foodies immersed in the fragrance of different kinds of tea.

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