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Plum blossom season arrives at reopened Chaoshan scenic area in Linping

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 7, 2024 L M S


A visitor takes photos against the backdrop of a plum tree forest. [Photo/IC]

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the newly renovated Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area in Linping district, Hangzhou reopened on Feb 6 after six months of renovations.

The 16th Chaoshan Mountian Plum Blossom Festival kicked off on the same day amidst a flurry of snowflakes.

This year's festival is expected to offer a series of activities involving sightseeing, cultural immersion, and countryside camping adventures throughout the Spring Festival holiday, which will fall between Feb 10 and 17 this year.


Plum trees amidst a flurry of snowflakes. [Photo/IC]

Chaoshan Mountain Scenic Area, renowned for its plum blossoms, is one of three major flower viewing sites in Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River) due to its picturesque landscapes adorned with wintersweets. The area boasts over 50,000 plum trees, including both white plums and red plums.

The reopening of the scenic area marks the beginning of another enchanting plum blossom season, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and the rich cultural heritage of Hangzhou.


Plum trees amidst a flurry of snowflakes. [Photo/IC]

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