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Lantern Festival illuminates Hangzhou with colorful celebrations

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 23, 2024 L M S

Hangzhou is gearing up to celebrate the Lantern Festival, an integral part of Chinese culture, on Feb 24. This cherished tradition, marked by glowing lanterns and sweet delicacies, brings joy to all.

Gongshu district: Qiantang Lantern Festival 2024

From Feb 22 to 24, the Qiantang Lantern Festival will dazzle visitors with vibrant lantern displays, traditional parades, and interactive activities. Explore the enchanting Dengxin Lane and Jietansi Lane communities for an unforgettable experience.


Pingyao Old Street is lit up by various lanterns. [Photo/IC]

Yuhang district: Pingyao Old Street Lantern Festival

Embark on a journey through Eastern aesthetics at the Pingyao Old Street Lantern Festival from Feb 24 to 25. Discover lantern riddles, indulge in a thousand-person tangyuan feast, and engage in DIY lantern activities at this enchanting event.

Xiaoshan District: "Century Spring Outlook" Lantern Festival Temple Fair

Experience the immersive "Century Spring Outlook" Lantern Festival Temple Fair at Qianjiang Century Park from Feb 24 to 26. Join in lantern searches and watch captivating performances for a memorable celebration.

Linping district: E-fashion Town New Year

Delight in cultural creativity at the E-fashion Town Lantern Festival Market from Feb 23 to 25. Explore intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and savor trendy food and beverages while enjoying a festive atmosphere.

Lin'an district: Lantern Festival Celebrations

Join the lantern appreciation and riddle-solving activities at Qianwang Temple Square and Wuyue King Tomb Archaeological Site Park on Feb 24 for a delightful Lantern Festival experience.


A photo taken on Feb 20 shows a group of dragon lanterns at the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou. [Photo/CFP]

Fuyang district: Ancient City Garden Party

Engage in poetry, archery, lantern riddles, and more at Xindeng ancient town's Ancient City Garden Party on Feb 24. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the majestic 104-meter-long dragon, Guantang Qinglong, during the literary and artistic performance.

These exciting Lantern Festival celebrations promise a blend of tradition, culture, and entertainment for everyone across Hangzhou to enjoy.      

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