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2024 Hangzhou talent exchange conference kicks off

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 26, 2024 L M S


A foreigner talks with a recruiter. [Photo/Hangzhoufeel]

The 2024 Hangzhou Talent Exchange Conference commenced on Feb 25, featuring the largest physical job fair in recent years. A total of 886 companies participated and over 20,000 positions were offered.

Jiang Yuanqi, recruitment manager at China's auto behemoth Geely Group, noted the high caliber of jobseekers, including graduates from top domestic universities and returnees from overseas. The company plans to introduce over 500 positions this year, with more than 50 percent of them in fields such as internet software, automotive research and development, and new energy vehicles.

In recent years, Hangzhou has focused on developing five major industrial ecosystems, namely smart IoT, biomedicine, high-end equipment, new materials, and green energy, driving up demand for related talent.

Not only are Hangzhou-based companies seeking talent, but research institutes in the city are also eager to recruit various professionals. For instance, the Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study of University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is offering positions to postdoctoral researchers and teaching researchers, aiming to recruit a total of 230 people.

At the conference, various government departments, including those responsible for human resources, housing, public security, telecommunications, and financial institutions, provided policy consultations and services.

By 4 pm the same day, the conference had received a total of 27,162 resumes, with 7,290 preliminary job intentions recorded.

Hangzhou's talent pool has now exceeded 3 million, with over 390,000 university graduates under 35 years old introduced last year. The city has been recognized as the "happiest city in China" for the past 17 years and selected as the "most attractive Chinese city for foreign talent" for 13 years in a row.


Two foreigners take part in the job fair on Feb 25. [Photo/Hangzhoufeel]

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