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Top 6 spots for plum blossom viewing in Hangzhou

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 26, 2024 L M S


Flower blossoms heralds the arrival of early spring at the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou on Feb 18. [Photo/CFP]

As plum blossom season gets underway, enthusiasts are seeking out the best locations to admire these delicate flowers, steeped in traditional Chinese allure. Here are the best spots to experience their beauty:

Qianwang Temple (钱王祠)

The ancient vermilion walls of Qianwang Temple offer a stunning backdrop for capturing the essence of plum blossoms.

Ticket price: 15 yuan ($2.1)

Xixi Wetlands (西溪湿地)

Meizhu leisure area and Meilin Road in Xixi Wetlands boast a diverse array of plum blossoms, with Meizhu Mountain Villa and West Lake Plum Villa as the best viewing spots.

Ticket price: 80 yuan for adults


Boats float on the lake at the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou on Feb 18. [Photo/CFP]

Gushan (孤山)

Gushan Island on West Lake, particularly around the Bai Causeway, hosts plum blossoms that bloom at varying times, extending the total viewing period.

Ticket price: Free

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (杭州植物园)

Qingzhiwu at the Hangzhou Botanical Garden showcases over 40 types of wintersweet, offering a mesmerizing journey through quiet blooms.

Ticket price: 10 yuan for adults

Chaoshan (超山)

Renowned as one of the city's top places to view plum blossoms, Chaoshan boasts over 50,000 plum blossoms of many varieties, including rare six-petaled plums.

Ticket price: 50 yuan for adults

Xianghu Lake (湘湖)

Xianghu Lake has some striking red plum varieties, particularly enchanting during the peak blooming season at Hushan Square and around Pingyuan Pavilion.

Ticket price: Free

These destinations offer an escape into the world of plum blossoms, each presenting a unique perspective on their timeless beauty.

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