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Yuhang district opens arms to young talent

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: February 28, 2024 L M S


Students attend a job fair set at Hangzhouxi Railway Station. [Photo/WeChat account: qianjiangwanbao]

Over 120 students from prestigious universities, including Nanjing University and Southeast University, arrived at Hangzhouxi Railway Station on Feb 27. They were there to participate in Yuhang district's first large-scale job fair of the new year.

The job fair, hosted at the railway station, included over 240 employers from Yuhang district, who offered more than 6,000 jobs in fields such as new energy, computer science, and mechanical engineering. Employers promoted various benefits including meal allowances, housing subsidies, and team-building trips.

"I'm impressed by how many internet companies there are in Yuhang and how well the jobs suit my field of study," said He Wei, a student from Nanjing University, who wasted no time in preparing his resume upon learning about the chartered train to Yuhang.

Top enterprises and research platforms from Yuhang were also among the attractions for the students. "I specifically came for the Liangzhu Laboratory. Its innovativeness and research standards greatly appeal to me. I've already passed the interview and reached a preliminary agreement," said Zhang Chengfu, a PhD student from Central South University.

Yuhang has conducted five recruitment events at the railway station, offering over 10,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, on the same afternoon, the first delegation headed by Yuhang authorities embarked on a journey to attract talent from universities such as Peking University and Xiamen University. This year, the local government plans to conduct nationwide recruitment tours in 15 cities to attract more young talent to work and start businesses in the district.


The Hangzhouxi Railway Station. [Photo/WeChat account: qianjiangwanbao]

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