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Hangzhou aims to create premier biopharmaceutical industry platform

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 12, 2024 L M S


The Hangzhou Biotech Valley. [Photo/xsnet.cn]

The Hangzhou Airport Biomedical Park opened in the Airport Economic Demonstration Zone on March 11, marking a crucial step forward in the creation of the Hangzhou Biotech Valley.

Situated adjacent to the Hangzhou International Airport, the Hangzhou Biotech Valley, along with the Jiangnan Science and Technology City, forms the core area of Xiaoshan district's biopharmaceutical industry. It has already attracted 31 key projects with a total investment of 14.1 billion yuan ($1.97 billion).

"Our goal is to create a world-class biopharmaceutical industry platform. With its location near the airport and excellent transportation connections, it should be able to attract cutting-edge projects from around the globe," said an official from the demonstration zone.

The biomedical park will leverage its advantages and focus on providing outsourced services for pharmaceutical research and production, while also creating a waterfront area along the Xianfeng River to showcase an environmentally-friendly area.

By 2027, the park is expected to become a cluster integrating industry, technology, and talent, attracting over 100 biopharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions, with the regional industry scale reaching 100 billion yuan.


A rendering of the Hangzhou Airport Biomedical Park. [Photo/xsnet.cn]

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