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Hangzhou introduces new outdoor commercial policies, boosting nighttime consumption

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: March 27, 2024 L M S


More industries are encouraged by the new policy. [Photo/WeChat account: zhelihangzhou]

Hangzhou has unveiled an upgraded version of its outdoor commercial policy, part of an ongoing initiative to enhance nighttime consumption.

The new policy, termed 2.0, expands outdoor commercial activities in designated commercial blocs and nighttime cultural and tourism consumption areas. It aims to foster a vibrant nighttime economy by allowing the addition of nighttime consumption markets, cultural and artistic exhibitions, and specialty selling points.

Compared to the previous version, version 2.0 focuses more on serving the overall needs of businesses rather than just allowing outdoor setups. It supports businesses in boosting nighttime consumption by permitting the installation of nighttime lighting and signage. Additionally, it broadens its scope to include various industries beyond just dining establishments, such as antique markets, book fairs, and flea markets.

Furthermore, temporary promotional facilities set up by businesses can now be installed for up to one year, extending the previous one-month limit.

Data indicates that since the introduction of the policy last year, 107 operators and 1,197 merchants across 97 key commercial areas and blocks have participated in outdoor activities. Additionally, 2,441 outdoor cultural and commercial events have been held.


More industries are encouraged by the new policy. [Photo/WeChat account: zhelihangzhou]

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