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Hangzhou State-owned museums open without appointment on weekdays

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 7, 2024 L M S


The Hangzhou Museum. [Photo/hzmuseum.com]

Starting April 7, all State-owned museums in Hangzhou will open to the public without requiring appointments on weekdays.

"Visitors (excluding group tourists) can enter the museum directly with their ID card or social security card. However, reservations are still required on weekends and holidays, with specific procedures determined by each museum," said an official from the Hangzhou municipal bureau of landscape and cultural relics.

In 2008, some State-owned non-profit museums in China began offering free admission to the public, implementing a free but ticketed policy where visitors had to obtain tickets at the entrance before entering. Later, telephone or online reservations became commonplace.

"The reservation system provides museums with insights into visitor numbers and allows for better planning. However, abolishing the reservation system also benefits visitors, providing them with more freedom," the official stated.

"If it gets too crowded during weekdays, museums will take measures such as intermittent crowd control and real-time announcements to ensure a comfortable visiting experience for visitors," the official added.


Museums are a top choice among visitors. [Photo/tidenews.com.cn]

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