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Innovators bring Dunhuang art to life in 3D on Hangzhou's lakeside screen

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 10, 2024 L M S


Flying dragons are shown on a screen next to West Lake in Hangzhou. [Photo/tidenews.com.cn]

Dunhuang murals, as an intersection between Eastern and Western cultures, are a globally influential cultural symbol.

A group of young people recently brought Dunhuang's flying dragon motifs to life in digital form on the lakeside screen of West Lake, which attracted many onlookers and photographers.

The design team consists of innovators in their 20s from the Spinor Digital Technology and Culture Center.

Wu Jianbin, born in 1999, is the founder of Spinor, and a creative director. He leads a dozen young team members in a meaningful initiative. Bringing Dunhuang murals to life on the lakeside screen is just the beginning.

"As a special traditional Chinese cultural promotion for the Year of the Dragon, our team was inspired by the Dunhuang mural restoration artist Shi Dunyu and strives to integrate Dunhuang dragon patterns into the modern urban skyline," said Zhou Xiaoge, the operations director.

Creative team leader Yu Ziheng is still a senior in college but is considered a senior member of the team. "Next, we will pay more attention to cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, hoping to present Dunhuang's elements in a more diverse way in the future," Yu added.


Flying dragons are shown on a screen next to West Lake in Hangzhou. [Photo/tidenews.com.cn]

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