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Da Qiuyan's artistic odyssey of self-exploration and identity

CGTN| Updated: April 10, 2024 L M S

Digital art has become deeply integrated into public life. A group of young artists in China have been pushing the boundaries of digital art, with Da Qiuyan among them.

Also known as DaDa, her prior experience – which includes adding digital effects to the stage design for the Grammy Awards in 2015 and being part of the design team for the "8-minute Hangzhou" performance at the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018 – has taught her the value of learning from the best and collaborating with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Ahead of the release of her cherished art piece "Being" in 2022, she said she hoped to convey to audiences her inner quest for spirituality and heightened awareness. CGTN reporter Yang Yan spoke with Da Qiuyan to learn more about her artistic journey and how she developed her passion into a career.

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