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Chinese cities trial short free metro exits for passenger convenience

By Xu Zhesheng| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 23, 2024 L M S

Several Chinese cities are piloting a new policy offering passengers a brief window to exit the metro station they entered from without paying an additional fare.

Nanchang, Tianjin, and Shanghai are among the cities implementing the program, aiming to improve passenger experience for various needs.

Nanchang launched the initiative on May 21, allowing free exits within 10 minutes of entry at the same station. This applies to passengers using the same payment method, including physical and electronic tickets or QR codes. Passengers needing to use restrooms, collect items, or meet someone can obtain a temporary card at the customer service center, granting them a single entry and exit within 10 minutes.

Tianjin's metro introduced a similar policy on May 14, allowing free exits within 10 minutes for those who entered the station by mistake, need to use the restroom, or want to cross the street.

Shanghai has been offering the service since April, enabling passengers to avoid the 3 yuan exit fee for same-station returns within 10 minutes by seeking assistance at the service center.

While Beijing offers temporary access policies for specific situations, there's currently no national standard regarding these temporary metro station exits. Other cities, including Suzhou and Hangzhou, have also implemented similar 10-minute free exit programs in the past year.

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