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'Dialogue of civilizations' between China, Greece held in Athens

Xinhua| Updated: May 27, 2024 L M S

A "dialogue of civilizations" between Greece and China was held on Friday in Athens, with experts exchanging views on preservation of world cultural heritage sites.

Chinese archaeologists and scholars met for the "Dialogue of Civilizations between Liangzhu Ancient City and the Acropolis of Athens", which last year was held in Hangzhou, China.

"Cultures have the ability to transcend geographical limitations, to engage with the present and the past, and to build bridges of communication and friendship that endure over time," Greek Deputy Minister of Culture Christos Dimas said in an address read by a representative.

At last year's event, cultural figures from Greece visited the Liangzhu Ancient City site and the Liangzhu Museum, and held exchanges on protection of cultural relics with Chinese scholars.

"When we see the monuments, we try to imagine what were the virtues of the people, of the residents who built these cities," said Stelios Virvidakis, president of the Center of Greek and Chinese Ancient Civilizations, at the discussion Friday.

"It is an endless dialogue," Lydia Koniordou, former Greek minister of Culture and sports, told Xinhua.

Koniordou shared her impressions of Liangzhu Ancient City and the culture it represents at Friday's event. She said she admired the ancient civilization, as well as the preservation work done by Chinese experts.

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