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Third Global Digital Trade Expo to attract top global enterprises

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 18, 2024 L M S


Visitors attend the second Global Digital Trade Expo in Hangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: westlakeexpo]

The third Global Digital Trade Expo, the only international and professional expo in China focused on digital trade, will be held in Hangzhou from Sept 25 to 29.

At a countdown event held on June 17, it was revealed that preparations for the expo are progressing rapidly, with nearly half of the exhibition space already booked. Major global digital trade enterprises, including Alibaba, Huawei, Tesla, Amazon, Walmart, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Baidu, have confirmed their participation.

The expo will take place at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, adjacent to Hangzhou International Airport, with a net exhibition area exceeding 150,000 square meters. This year's expo will surpass the scale of previous editions, with one comprehensive exhibition area and eight specialized digital industry areas.

The comprehensive area will showcase achievements in digital trade from China, international organizations, and guest countries, along with content from international sister cities. The eight specialized areas will focus on hot topics in digital trade, including data and finance, Silk Road e-commerce, artificial intelligence, smart cities, digital entertainment, smart travel, digital healthcare, and consumer electronics, highlighting future trends and directions in digital trade.

The expo will also emphasize industry connections with activities like the AI Industry Matchmaking Conference and the Multinational Companies Digital Trade Negotiation Conference. In addition to staple events such as the Digital Trade Night and Silk Road E-commerce Day, new features will include Africa Digital Trade Day, international sister city interactions, and engagements between national-level economic zones and Fortune 500 companies.

The expo will release reports on digital trade development, cooperation case studies, and global and national top 100 lists. It will feature a series of first-time launches, exhibitions, and showcases, creating new trends and highlighting emerging hotspots in digital trade.


A rendering of the Hangzhou International Expo Center. [Photo/WeChat account: westlakeexpo]

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