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Cultural Showcase| Souvenirs get stamp of approval

China Daily| Updated: October 18, 2023 L M S


Among the unique postal memorabilia available at the Asian Games Village post offices are personalized postcards, some of which include pictures and audio recordings, as well as special postmarks representing all 61 sporting disciplines at the 19th Asian Games and sets of commemorative stamps. ZHANG WEI/CHINA DAILY

In addition to the soundwave postcards, the temporary post offices at the Hangzhou Asian Games also offer AI-generated postcards and customized stamp services, as well as special stamps, postcards, and limited-edition envelopes.

These options allow participants to capture their distinctive memories of this continental event.

Sun Jiahui, another postal staff member, said that the soundwave postcard was quite popular, and it already has the stamps attached so that customers can mail them out right away.

"The customized stamp printer is another popular attraction here. Customers can upload their own photos, and in just 15 minutes, they can obtain special stamps featuring their own pictures," she explained. "However, we only have 900 of these special stamps available."

On Sept 23, China Post released two commemorative stamps to commemorate the 19th Asian Games, which showcase the designs of the emblem and mascots.

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